Interior Renovation Using Indoor Plant Containers in Dubai
Plant Containers by Planters
Updated on 30th Aug 2018 by Planters
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Plant Containers by Planters

Plant Containers for your Interior Revamp

The psychology of humans is such that we excel in the perception of freedom. Transfer this cognizance into a workplace and boom, productivity increases tenfold. See, as humans, being locked up in a place creates the feeling of boredom and loneliness. It makes us loathe the place as though we are enslaved. Be it inside the house, the office, or even recreation places, we always need the feeling of liberty. 

Wood Design Planter
What better way of creating this perception than using indoor plants in the premises? As discussed below, there have been growing trends in design that seem to integrate indoor plants Dubai-wide especially inside the offices, restaurants, hotels, schools and even homes to revive the essence of nature indoors.

Nonetheless, indoor gardens are not new to us, but the latest creativity ambience is something to look out for. Traditionally, flower boxes were only placed on windowsills on the exterior of our homes. Indoor plant containers not only bring the green life right into our businesses but also the outside aura into the interior. We are in love with al fresco, rusty look these plant containers give to the interior space.

Interior Designs in the UAE

The UAE has recently seen an increased appetite for intricate interior designs. This prompts some Dubai plant containers manufacturers to be creative with their designs. Most offices in Dubai now want that green life infused into their interior designs.  From small changes to vital ticket goods, everyone has something for themselves when it comes to these planters.  Adopt this unique design trend in Dubai and in the UAE to bring about minor tweaks right into your interiors.

The Newest Interior Design Trends in Town

A lot of companies nowadays have come up with new design trends that will spice up your interior and wow your visitors each time they visit your office. The new trends, depending on which industry you belong, will surely bring affect your business in a positive way.  
  1. Commercial Trends
Moss walls, Dubai: As the name suggests, the walls are planted with the preserved, green foliage moss plants. This new trend combines the design and cutting-edge technology with mother-nature to bring forth the combined beauty of the two. This new type of design is very effective when installed in offices where you spend almost half of your working life. Humans have the endless desire to be connected to nature and this is the best way that desire is quenched.  
  1. Retail Trends
The sustainability of the earth’s beauty depends on how much we are prepared to conserve it. This new trend, according to studies, helps in making customers at ease and connecting with you and your business. Apart from that, having a zero net energy is our uttermost goal. You can meet this new trend by very few simple steps such as:
  • Going paperless.
  • Recycling
  • Clean energy options
  1. Hospitality Trends
Due to the competition, some restaurants or hospitality business have come up with new ideas to keep you glued there; and one of these ideas is interior landscaping. Bringing the garden to the interior space of a restaurant or hotel brings the beauty of the indoor environment. Others are not only into interior landscaping but have developed some other creative and unique ways.
  • The use of light with new lighting technology.
  • Walls covered with well painted and designed art.
  • The use of minimalism.
  • Open kitchen.
plant containers dubai

Plant Containers – Dubai; An Old Way of Bringing in the New

The use of plant containers has been there for centuries with occasional revolutions in their designs and shapes. This kind of office renovation has been of use because it largely contributes to adding beauty to any space.

Facts about Plant Containers

The number one fact before we go further is that plant containers are becoming the number one way of revamping your office.
  • The plant containers come in different designs that are stunning in their own way. You can decide to use plastic pots, plastic bags, milk jugs or planter boxes for your homes. They are mainly used for holding indoor plants without the motive of beautifying your house. However, for offices, you’ll need rather quality plant containers such as stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic and ceramic pots.
  • They are the most preferred way of holding indoor plants due to their simplicity and ease of maintenance.
  • Plant containers are space conscious. They use the minimal space available to create a larger and ample environment for office operations without any interference.
Why Plant Containers are the Best

Do you want to revamp your office to make it stellar? There are dozens of reasons why you should consider plant containers.
  • Plant containers are cost effective. They are cheap to buy and their cost of maintenance is also minimal. With this in mind, purchasing some few plant containers for your staff at work will not make you lose more money than the returns you will get after getting more customers.
  • With the right plant and planters, your customers or clients will definitely be impressed. You remember the restaurant trick of attracting customers?
  • Easy to install. All you need are the container itself and indoor plant plus the right soil, then you are good to go.
  • As we said earlier, they’re easy to control and maintain. You’ll not need to carry all the garden tools when you want to do some cleaning. A simple pruning shear is all you need.
The Best Type of Plant Containers for Your Business

There is a variety of plant containers that you can choose. Dubai has dozens of them that can confuse you. However, everyone has his or her own taste of colour and design. There are some universal containers that can fit easily with any type of business, though most of the time, it will be mostly dependent on the type of business you have. So, you’ll need to have some insights to choose the one that fits your business better. Below are some of the best plant containers you’ll find in the UAE.  
  1. Stainless steel containers
Stainless Steel Containers
This is by far the most common quality container. Its quality and design give it an edge over other containers. These types of plant containers are:
  • Made of steel – This makes it versatile and can be easily converted to any shape of your choice before purchase;
  • Recyclable – This makes it environmentally friendly. According to scientists, at the end of its life, 92% of stainless steel can be reused. With this fact in mind, stainless steel gives you the confidence that it’ll serve you for quite a while.
  • Stainless – The name says it all. Unlike other planters or pots, it cannot get corroded easily. Simple cleaning is what you need; using a soft sponge with water will be enough.
  1. Glass Reinforced Containers
GRP Plant Containers
These are containers mainly made of a fibre-reinforced polymer of glass. It’s mainly a composite material.
  • The materials these containers are made of are not easy to be corroded. It demonstrates intolerance to chloride ion attacks hence, making it not susceptible to destruction. This ensures that the container serves you the longest time possible.
  • These containers are strong lightweight and watertight making it more useful for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Glass containers have a superior tensile strength. They cannot be easily broken. Strength-to-weight load-bearing performance is what it offers. They outlast the traditional materials with the presence of glass and resin in their perfect ratios.
  1. Luxury containers
Luxury Plant Containers
As the name suggests, these are containers with the highest quality. They are mainly handcrafted with the highly skilled craftsmen in the UAE and made from rare minerals and materials in order to maintain their quality and standard. These types of planters often used natural materials, embodying an organic element. Because of its unique designs, choosing the right style is very important, taking into consideration your interior space’s overall design.

The Simple Ways of Maintaining your Plant Containers

Now that you know the various kinds of plant containers, what do you need to make them last longer? They all have their way of being maintained to ensure they last longer according to materials they’re made of. You can follow these steps to increase the life of your containers.
  • Check if the planter is dripping freely during watering: Every planter has dripping holes at the bottom. They are essential in preventing water logging which is harmful to the indoor and outdoor plants. The draining should take place at any watering. The absence of it is an indication that the holes are blocked hence the need to open them.
  • Prevent any rust from metal containers: Apart from the GRPs, other plant containers are intolerant to corrosion. Corrosion mainly takes place when metal planters are left on the ground in places with high humidity, rain and snow. The following tips are mainly used in maintaining outdoor plants.

    You can do some few practices to prevent this. You can wrap the containers in plastic wrappings during the rain to reduce any corrosion activity from taking place.

    Upon realising any corrosion activity in any of your planters, you can decide to do what is known as post-maintenance. Just take a wire brush and scrub the rust away. This prevents the rust from spreading further.
  • Clean your plant containers This does not necessarily mean the act of taking water with soap and beginning to clean it (to some extent it helps). It simply means emptying the container once in a while to clean inside or when fighting a plant disease.   However, the process of emptying the container should be done with absolute care. You carefully tip the planter and cautiously removing the roots. You then place the roots in another temporal container as you clean the pot.

Basic Tips on how to use Plant Containers

plant container suppliers uae
The usage of your plant container will depend on many various factors such as the type of indoor plants. The nature of your business will also determine the type of the container.
  • Size and type of indoor plant
There are various kinds of indoor plants in Dubai. These kinds of plants are snake plant, bromeliads, kentia palm, jade, pothos and rubber plant. Plant containers matter since some indoor plants like kentia palm are one of the largest plants hence, require bigger plant containers. Other indoor plants like snake are puny in size so you shouldn’t consider gigantic planters.
  • Colour
Some people are “colour blind”. This means that some people don’t know how to use complementary colours. This is a very important aspect when choosing planters. The plant container’s colour should perfectly blend with the plants it holds and the interior to where it belongs. Obviously, almost indoor plant or any type of plant is green in colour they differ in intensity and hue. That’s why it is important to always ensure that your planter is in perfect match with your chosen plant.
  • Quantity of indoor plant
Some indoor plants grow in large numbers. Their quantity will influence how you will use your chosen container. The quantity will, therefore, determine how easy or hard it will be in maintaining the plants. Maintenance practices like pruning is very easy in larger containers with numerous plants than in a smaller container with the same number of plants.

Choosing the Best Plant Container Supplier in the UAE

Below are some of the plant containers from Planters which you can choose for your business.
  • Antoinette: They mainly profess a flute shape. They’re mainly smooth and rippled with a natural finish.
  • Beverly: Elegance and royalty are its main features. It is mainly designed for indoor plants like kentia palm.
  • Blob: They are mainly saucer-shaped with the ability to hold much soil. Its shape gives it the ability to hold the largest types of indoor plants.
  • Curvy bridget: This is one of the most beautiful of all the plant containers. That’s according to me. You can pick your favourite. It is made up of a series of interlocking barriers that are colourfully blended together.
  • Curvy marylin. This is almost similar to the curvy bridget but it’s a little bit extended and also slender. When interlocked together, they form a very beautiful wave-like pattern.
  • Dune planters: As the name suggests, this type of container is slightly dune shaped. They offer the best stability to hold lady palms because of its shape.
Plant Containers at Red Bull OfficeMany other indoor plant container types and designs are available at Planters. They can also manufacture any colour or shade of any of these plant containers depending on your requirements. You may find other plant stores or online shops that offer cheap pots. However, Planters is the ideal and best plant containers supplier in the UAE that can provide what you or your interior space needs. The landscape contractor that has been in the forefront in providing Dubai and the whole UAE with top of the art and award-winning interior landscapes using plant containers in hospitality, commercial and retail sectors.   The company is soaring on another level when it comes to providing the most stylish options in revamping or transforming your interior design. With four decades in the interior design business, planters have become the largest and most recognised company when it comes to interior and exterior landscaping.

Planters have also received a number of awards from the British Association of Landscape industries since 2002.


The office shouldn’t necessarily have to represent work and monotony. Give your office the touch of nature and create an inviting sense of its beauty by using intricately designed plant containers. Plant containers help make it as refreshing and freshening as possible while still maintaining a neat look. If you want to revamp your office and bring the magic of plants to your interiors, then Planters remains your best bet for achieving this. Not only do they offer specially designed containers to fit your interior, owing to their fibre glass factory, their extensively experienced professionals also provide you with design solutions to fit it. As if that's not enough, they offer installation services and can outsource beautiful plants to rhyme your interior and the containers. If you want to ensure that you’ll get the best quality plant containers for your business, then choose to hire Planters. You will get the best bang for your bucks. Contact Planters today.
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