The Colour Green
Reception Indoor Plants
Updated on 6th Aug 2013 by Planters
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The Colour Green in Office Landscaping 

One of the biggest reasons to use plants and interior landscaping is the colour;  green. Green has several psychological effects. "It balances people's emotions, creating a sense of calm".

Using green in office design provides calmness to the people in it. Green triggers feelings of security and tranquillity. Business owners and managers are often not aware of the importance of colours in getting optimal office efficiency. With a little effort in office landscaping you can create a green vibrancy that achieves this.

Planters have many years expertise in creating and improving such office spaces. We have trained interior designers that have full knowledge and immense know how in strategically planning and decorating a room without making it look like a rainforest out of control. Planters use greenery in a modern and stylish way, that makes a room look fresh, clean and inviting.

Reception Indoor Plants

The reception and waiting room is most likely the first thing your customers will see when they visit your business. As we know, first impressions are often the most important and can be fundamental in securing new business.

In the picture to the left, we have helped one of Dubai's leading law firms design their reception area. With the expertise of interior designers, we designed a room that would usually seem a bit cold and uninviting, to be more pleasant and relaxing with just a few touches of green. Planters' GRP containers were the main feature of the area, and they kept in line with the design of the room.

Planters' expertise has also been integrated to the Emirates headquarters offices where, with a few well-placed touches of green, have made a room warm and relaxing. Clients and workers alike get a sense of relaxation and freshness that shows that it's a company that cares about people.

You can see more on our project page.

Green Plants Office Design

Once you have decided to use green plants as a part of your office design, it's equally important that they are kept prim and pristine, so that they continue to look as healthy and green as the day they were installed. If you have plants that look mismanaged, it might send across a message that you don't care about the appearance of your office and even worse; that you are unprofessional. If you don't want the hassle of taking care of your plants, try Planters' maintenance services, where professional gardeners visit you on a regular basis and give your plants the prime treatment that they need.

At Planters, our mission is to make the world a greener place and we are doing it one office at a time. There is no reason that your office should not be next.

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