The Psychological Effect of Plants
Plants Psychological Effect
Updated on 20th Feb 2013 by Planters
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Plants and Its Psychological Effects

Plants are prevalent within the natural, undisturbed habitat of humans and there has been a great deal of research into the effect these plants have on us both physically and psychologically. Our well-being is directly impacted by the presence of greenery, however, offices and buildings frequently lack plant life. This fact has made it easy for studies to compare the effect of working with plants against working in an environment with none; enabling psychologists to establish the true effect of plants on the office staff, and even on client perceptions of a business or workplace. 

Plants Psychological Effect

In a working environment, the placement of plants in the peripheral vision of employees has been proven to have a significant psychological effect that benefits both the staff member and the business as a whole. Plants in the periphery were discovered to improve the overall productivity of staff by 15% and significantly reduce mental fatigue. Stress levels were also found to fall and employee morale was boosted with the simple addition of plants in an office space; additionally, overall improvements were noted in terms of the mood and general attitude of staff members.

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Yet more studies show that whether the individual is a client or employee, people have been found to perceive buildings that contain plants as looking more expensive, welcoming and relaxing. On the other hand, client and employee perceptions about buildings that contained no plants were found to be far less positive.

Plants have a very therapeutic effect on patients and further research confirms this as patients within hospitals were found to heal faster in garden view rooms compared to those situated in wall view rooms. Plants also instil a sense of calm and promote optimism, further adding to their therapeutic value; indeed their benefits are so evident that they are used in horticultural-therapy programmes as a coping strategy for patients with cancer and other illnesses. Again, horticultural-therapy was shown to, among other positive findings, reduce the stress levels of patients, improve social and cultural integration and increase attentiveness.

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