Top Landscaping Ideas for your Business in the UAE
Artificial Plants and Trees
Updated on 7th Nov 2017 by Planters
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Landscaping for your Business 

The time has come to take your business to the next level. There’s a type of marketing that goes a long way in increasing referrals and driving new business, and it has nothing to do with digital outreach. We’re talking about the visual appeal of your space. What jumps out at customers the moment they walk in the door? How about as they approach your business from the outside?

Attractive landscaping creates a mood and appeal that nothing else can. Across Dubai, businesses are creating more attractive environments for their employees and customers by hiring a landscaping contractor. Here are the top landscaping ideas for your business in the UAE.

In this article, you’ll learn: 

Complete the entryway with floral and plant arrangements

First impressions make all the difference – particularly for those in the retail and hospitality industries. Landscape contractors in Dubai can help your business ‘wow’ customers before they even walk in the door by installing live floral décor.

Depending on the entryway of your business, the best landscaping designs may include complementing a walkway with potted plants. These can be rearranged as necessary, and even used to accent areas marked off for a specific event or function. Potted floral arrangements are versatile in ways that ground-planted landscaping in Dubai can’t be. These arrangements are also great for places such as restaurant patios. Maintenance is low, and permanence isn’t an issue. The arrangement can be updated or changed each year to keep the look fresh and attractive.

Others may prefer to keep the focus on one specific area, such as surrounding a front office or alongside an entryway. In this case, landscapers can craft plant arrangements specifically catered to that space. Surround a doorway with petunias. Highlight the correct entry to a business with lively green plants.

Line a common area with preserved trees

Artificial Plants and TreesYou’ve probably seen live trees inside large-scale structures such as malls or airports and thought, “How are they keeping these trees alive in here?”.

Preserved trees add a touch of outside to interior spaces. They have gained popularity around the world in recent years because they help spaces feel more natural and inviting – there’s something about that dose of natural flavour that really livens up a space.

Landscape contractors in Dubai can install preserved palms or other types of artificial trees in facilities with elevated ceilings. A building doesn’t have to be as tall as you might think – Planters installs trees ranging in size from 1 to 7 meters.

The preserved palms are made from real bark and palm fronds, using the latest in biotechnology. They are sure to add a relaxing and appealing vibe to your business.

Place plant containers in office corners and reception areas

Another strong option when versatility is needed, plant containers are among the most aesthetically pleasing options for both interior and exterior decorating. Landscapers in Dubai have the benefit of being able to incorporate the rich artistic decorum of the region to complement lush green plant life.

Plant Containers
From Europe to the Far East, Planters sources the finest luxury containers from well-known manufacturers. This is a great way to organically increase the visual appeal of an office space or store front.

Many of the containers are made from what is known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). This material is light weight, watertight, and blended into an incredible array of designs – often specifically tied to the plant life here in the UAE.

If GRP isn’t appropriate for your setting, another route is to use stainless steel containers. These are a bit heavier, but are often better for larger plants and small-to-medium sized trees. These containers come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

No matter which route you take with plant containers, the work required on your part is negligible. Following installation, keeping the plants looking great takes little more than a daily dose of water for live plants. Using fake plants eliminates even this modest task.

Plant containers are perhaps the easiest way for any business to add visual appeal to their space. Modern interior design trends increasingly incorporate plant life. Planters gives their clients a perfect opportunity to stay ahead of this trend – all with little to no effort on their part!

Welcome guests with a living green wall

Living Green Walls
Living green walls in Dubai
are the pride and joy of landscape contractors. They give both you the client and the designer a chance to show off their style in artistic flare – and will steal the breath of each customer who walks in your door!

Living green walls can come in a variety of shapes and styles. Vertical gardens are great for those who really want to use a variety of greenery to bring their space to life. Those wanting to make a definitive artistic statement may opt for a floral design within the wall. A simple company logo or signage ensures that your living green wall truly is one of a kind.

The best part is that because of the regional climate, living green walls in the UAE can be installed in both interior and exterior settings. There is no better way to make what we like to call a ‘living statement!’

Interior and exterior landscaping for maximum value

These days, consumers value experiences and stories as much or more than physical possessions. How they feel when they enter your business makes a big difference. Planters specialises in helping business of all types create a vibe and aesthetic that is as memorable as it is photogenic. Landscape contractors in the UAE take immense pride in creating green art that clients will be proud of for years to come. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!
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