Planters and Green Fortune Refresh Vapiano Interiors with Living Plant Walls
Planters and Green Fortune Refresh Vapiano Interiors
Updated on 26th May 2016 by Planters
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Planters is the sole Middle Eastern distributor for the renowned Swedish landscaping enterprise, Green Fortune. Green Fortune provide and distribute Living Green Walls, Plantwires and other cutting-edge plant systems throughout the world. Green Fortune's aim is to fully integrate plants and cultivation into modern city living and thereby enhance well-being within urbanised areas; a premise that Planters fully support.

Green Fortune's Living Green Wall in Vapiano Skrapan, Sweden.

Vapiano's restaurants are one of Planters and Green Fortune's international living green wall projects; the first installation having been in Emporia, Sweden in 2012. Vapiano was founded in 2002 in Germany, offering made-to-order Italian cuisine. Since its inauguration, it has become an immensely popular culinary establishment with over 150 branches worldwide.

Living Green Wall in Berlin's Europacenter.

In Europe, Green Fortune have installed living green walls in 5 Swedish branches (Emporia, Skrapan, Täby Centrum, Göteborg and Mall of Scandinavia); 5 German branches (Europacenter, Kiel, Hamburg Gensemarkt, Darmstadt and Düsseldorf) and 2 branches in the Netherlands (Tilburg and Eindhoven).

Living Green Walls at the entrance of the Mall of Scandinavia.

Inside Vapiano's at the Mall of Scandinavia.

In the Middle East, Planters have installed a living green wall for Vapiano in Dubai Media City and are currently in talks regarding Plant walls for Vapiano's new restaurant in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Planters Group aim to furnish all Middle Eastern Vapiano restaurants along with those in Baku.

Living Green Wall by Planters in Vapiano's Dubai Media City.

Vapiano Living Green Wall by Green Fortune in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Living Green Walls are favoured by Vapiano's due to their belief that good, healthy food should be served in a fresh and natural environment. Their living green walls do just that, thereby adding to the natural ambience of each restaurant. Living green walls have the potential to significantly enhance interiors whilst improving air quality, absorbing noise and echoes, and maximising floor space.

Green Fortune's Living Green Wall in Tolhuistuin, The Netherlands.

For more information on Living Green Walls or Plantwires in the Middle East, please contact Ryan Ramos on +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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