What Type of Plants are Right for your Business?
JW Marriot Hotel Planters Artificial Landscaping
Updated on 15th Sep 2014 by Planters
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How to Choose the Right Plants?

Whether you're looking for generic plants or a new way to display copious greenery, many companies find the choices overwhelming when looking into landscaping their business interiors. To help you define what it is you are after, we have broken down the key elements that we consider when designing your interior landscapes:

Assess the Natural Lighting

No Natural Light

In this instance, you should opt for preserved foliage. Planter's sister company, Planters Artificial, offer a range of preserved plants that include preserved palmsartificial trees, preserved floral displays; even preserved Green walls.

JW Marriot Hotel Planters Artificial Landscaping                                       Planters Artificial Landscaping within JW Marriot Hotel, Dubai.

A Moderate Amount of Light

Planters will assist in showing you your low-light plant options; otherwise, you could decide to use the above preserved displays within this environment. These preserved plants need no maintenance and only require dusting to remain in top condition.

Lots of Natural Light

The world is your oyster if you're looking to place plants in an area with a great deal of natural light. You are only limited by the situational preference of plants and whether they prefer to be in the direct sunlight or shade.

Once the installation is complete, we recommend you opt for Planters plant maintenance service to ensure your plants are kept thriving and healthy by our competent staff.

Look at the Available Space

Lots of Floor Space

If you have a great deal of floor space, plant displays are the perfect way to enhance the area. Your options are vast; from a selection of stunning potted plant or flower displays, to landscaping large sections of the floor and creating an indoor forest. When coupled with other features, such as a high ceiling, your options expand even further.

Limited Floor Space

If floor space is not your greatest asset, there are still several ways of injecting plant life into it. Living Green Walls utilize vertical space on otherwise plain walls, and create a fresh, breath-taking environment. Other options include placing small plants on desks within co-coordinating containers; or in selected strategic locations throughout the room. Small spaces can always be maximized when approached correctly.

Focus on the Height

Features an Atrium

Hanging Plantwires down through atrium is particularly effective. It utilises the unused space and creates an unparalleled atmosphere. Another option would be to install a Living Green Wall pillar, as seen in the project below (provided by our official supplier, Green Fortune).

Hanging Plantwires

Features High Ceilings

High ceilings pose a whole wealth of possibilities; Plantwires can hang from ceilings, or Preserved Palms can rise up to them. Additionally, Plantwires or Living Green Walls can also be installed in these instances, as with an atrium.

Ceiling Plantwalls

Making a Statement

Features Beautiful Architecture

This poses many opportunities, however, when a building is conceived from an architectural perspective, these buildings need to be individually assessed to receive the necessary tailored recommendations.

Let the Plants do the Talking

Planters are happy to get creative and design, install and maintain plant displays that push conventional limits. Plants can easily become the main feature of a space, and impressive plants are often an eye-catching conversation starter due to the relative scarcity of greenery in Dubai. For example, Planters Horticulture's Zen garden project within Dubai Airport's Terminal 3 is photographed hundreds of times every day by both tourists and traveling residents.

Zen Interior Gardens in Dubai International Airport Planters Horticulture's Zen interior gardens at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport

For more information on how Planters can transform your indoor space, please contact us on +971 4 388 3283, email contact@planters.ae, or visit www.planters.ae.

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