Why is Vertical Gardening Important?
Living Green Wall at Leopolds Dubai
Updated on 27th Apr 2018 by Planters
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Vertical Gardens Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What happens when you would really love a garden but your city apartment didn’t come with an extra acre for a garden? For most people, this would be the end of their dream. At Planters, we design plush gardens in the smallest of spaces through a modern technique called vertical gardening. If you have ever, for a second, thought that your space wasn’t large enough, here is how the addition of a living vertical garden in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can make your dreams come true. For those who haven’t joined the growing bandwagon yet, here are a couple of reasons to contact us.

Living Green Wall at Leopolds Dubai

Ideal for Indoor Spaces

Many people believe that their only option in an indoor space is to add a couple of potted plants throughout the space. While potted plants can work, they are limited in size. Furthermore, they either take up valuable workspace or the floor space, limiting some of your other design choices or impacting your ability to do certain duties.

Living green walls can provide a large amount of greenery without having to sacrifice any work surfaces or floor space. This can be ideal when you are already dealing with a small space and want to experience the benefits that a green scenery offers.

Gardening as an Art

Lightspace Plant Walls
A lot of people use framed pictures and paintings to express their artistic side by hanging them on their walls. A well-maintained vertical indoor garden can serve the same purpose. If all plants are carefully framed and selected to match the ambiance of the room, it can serve as an expression of your appreciation for art. This will always leave your guests marveling at how creative you are. A vertical garden works as a form of art that you can modify and customise any time you want depending on your mood and preferences as opposed to paintings. With a living wall, you become the artist instead of the spectator.

Define your Space

You can use your vertical garden to define your living space and create partitions you can easily identify with. You can divide a section of your backyard or even indoor space to serve different purposes. For example, you can create a boundary around a secluded area or a corner where you can go to relax and meditate in isolation as you enjoy the flora around you. It will be like taking a nature walk to calm your nerves. You can also choose to create an entrance to your garden or backyard instead of building a costly permanent structure. This way, you can shift the entrance any time you feel like remodeling. If this is not possible, you can even use it as a backdrop on a boundary that, you feel, needs a little more character or is not well defined.

Perfect for Urban Environments

Vertical Gardens Dubai and Abu Dhabi | Planters Outdoor Green Wall
For those who live or work in the city, the ability to create a traditional horizontal garden may be highly limited. Often, buildings in urban environments don’t have much green space, if any, making the addition of a garden nearly impossible.

With this new green technology, your existing fences or exterior walls can have the touch of greenery by installing an outdoor green wall, giving you all the benefits of a beautiful space without the need for a large piece of real estate. Additionally, they can be customised with a wide range of plants, letting you choose from enjoying their purely aesthetic value or their ability to produce fruits and vegetables for your pleasure.

Living walls also help clear the air of pollutants while removing excess carbon dioxide. Apart from the natural air pollutants, other pollutants are emitted from man-made activities like fumes from factories, motor vehicles and basically anything that uses fuel. This is, especially important if you have a lot of dust around as the living wall helps you clean the polluted air, allowing only clean air to enter your nostrils. With time, you will see a significant change in your health for the better.


Still on the subject of health, by developing a vertical garden, Dubai residents can tremendously improve their well-being and also help cure certain sicknesses through biophilia. The main principle behind it is that human beings constantly seek connection to nature and other living things. They have a deep desire to feel part of something larger than themselves. With a vertical garden in your house or office, you will be able to feel this connection closely and restore your sense of well-being. This can be a good remedy for people with depression or those who feel so disconnected from the world and need to find their way back. Mental institutions and hospitals can greatly benefit from this phenomenon.

Improved Productivity

Vertical Gardens Dubai and Abu Dhabi | Plant Wall in the Office
Improved well-being often leads to enhanced productivity. Working from 9 to 5 can be tiring if you have nothing to look forward to at the end of the day, and are just going through the motions. An office space with a vertical garden may just be what you are missing. Most people use nature to rejuvenate their minds. When you bring nature into your office, your mind stays fresh all day long. Every time you feel demotivated, a simple sniff at your roses or exotic plants can be an exhilarating experience. Planters, a vertical garden supplier in Dubai, can help you keep your employees rejuvenated every single day by making the offices feel like a nature walk. There will be fewer cases of absenteeism and high productivity among your employees. You won’t find anybody sleeping on the job unless they are taking a nap after a job well done.

Sound Barrier

Are your office walls too thin? Do you feel like every time you do something your neighbor would know or the people passing closely can hear you? A vertical garden can help you take care of that. With the right type of plants and the right amount of thickness, you can create a sound-proof barrier around your office so that whatever you say, stays within your working space. It also works the other way round in that noise from outside cannot disrupt you. All the people shouting, conversations, hooting of vehicles will no longer affect you and your employees. Once you have your high-quality green wall systems, Dubai will be a very quiet and peaceful place for you to live and work in.


Living Plant Wall - Close UpA well-thought-out vertical garden can easily be the most beautiful scenery at your office or even at home. You can develop a vertical garden around your property simply for the beauty it offers. Decorating a whole compound or home can be very daunting, especially when all areas need individual attention and different decorative elements. With vertical gardens, you can enhance the visual appeal of your space in Dubai or anywhere in the world all at once. You can guide the plants to go round your house, fence or backyard to breathe some new life into every corner of your home. In a matter of months, your compound will be looking like a beautiful orchard from every angle.

Beautiful landscaping is also one of the ways most people in Abu Dhabi use to increase the real estate value of their homes. When it comes to leveraging vertical gardens, Dubai comes first. No matter how good a real-estate property is, it may not attract a lot of potential buyers or lessees if they don’t fall in love with it at first sight. On the other hand, houses and buildings that are not only sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing definitely go up in value. Whether you are selling your property or just need to spruce things up, Planters' green wall systems in Dubai will sort your needs.

Faster Creation and Simplified Tending

Installing a living wall can actually be faster than a traditional garden. Instead of digging individual holes in the soil, vertical gardens are designed around plants that either climb or hang. This means fewer plants are actually required to get a significant amount of coverage. Also, when you choose options that grow quickly, space can actually be filled with ease.

Moreover, many green walls feature vines or similar plants. All you have to do to keep the space looking neat is to steer and coax the vines in the direction you prefer them to grow. This means you don’t have to spend time cutting and shaping a plant to achieve the ideal look.

Protect Exterior Structures

Vertical Gardens Dubai and Abu Dhabi | Exterior Wall Living Green Wall
Outdoor green walls have the added benefit of protecting the structure from different elements. This includes limiting extreme temperature fluctuates on the surface, a process that can damage organic building materials, as well as shielding the surface from any damage associated with wind or rain. The plants also provide a shield from the damaging UV rays which can harm exterior surfaces over time.


We all love some level of privacy. No matter how public your place of residence or business may be, it is always good to keep a few things hidden. Good vertical gardens can help you achieve just that for your space. You will be able to keep certain parts of your home exclusively to yourself. Remember, your home is a private place and every time you are indoors, you should feel safe and free enough to do and be whoever you want. There are probably some aspects of your house that you are not confident about and would like to hide them from everybody. Developing a plant wall over that embarrassing graffiti you can’t hide with paint, for example, will help you feel more at ease. And this doesn’t only apply at your home but in your office too!

Energy Efficiency

When vertical gardens in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are placed on the interior or exterior walls, they function as an additional layer of insulation. During hot summer months or cooler winter months, this often helps to improve the efficiency of the building through better internal temperature management.

Vertical Gardens Dubai and Abu Dhabi | Plant Wall in a Restaurant
By selecting the appropriate plants, you can also limit the amount of water required. Since the green wall systems in Dubai are vertical, water that reaches the top plants will trickle towards the bottom if they aren’t absorbed. If you choose options that prefer a drier soil on top and those that flourish in a higher amount of moisture near the bottom, you can ensure that any runoff from the top is being used by plants lower to the ground.

A Source of Income

The rate of unemployment keeps growing in almost all parts of the world. While more and more people are getting educated, the job market is sadly not growing at the same rate. With an expansive vertical garden, you can create employment opportunities while also increasing food production. You can plant all kinds of vegetables and fruits like kales, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, strawberries or even passion fruits and later sell them at a profit. The demand for fresh farm products in urban cities is always at an all-time high, and therefore the market is very lucrative. It won’t be long before all your friends and neighbors will want to come and get their groceries straight from your farm.

Apart from groceries, you can also plant flowers for commercial purposes or collect different plants that have high monetary value. Within a short time, your vertical garden in Dubai can turn from a plant wall to a wall of fortune.

Muse For Artists

Artists need constant inspiration to do what they do best -- create. In a normal environment, it is very easy to lose that motivation. This is the reason why many artists require a muse. A vertical garden can be a very good one. Anytime you feel like your mind is blank, you can stare at the beautifully framed moss wall or the different flowers decorating your garden and feel your creative juices gush out once again. With numerous plant species on your indoor living wall, you can create an endless pool of imagination. Whether you look at it or feel it, the resulting effect can be outstanding.

Living Plant Walls

Bypass Soil Quality Issues

In some cases, a piece of property may have less than ideal soil quality. When the soil is in poor condition, growing plants can be challenging at best or may require significant work to make it suitable for planting. Vertical gardens do not rely on the ground soil in many cases. Instead, a suitable potting soil is added to containers to meet the needs of the plants or, when hydroponics are at play, the soil isn’t even required at all.

This means that spaces that, otherwise, could not support plant life can be adopted for a vertical garden without having to work to improve the quality of soil first. This approach can also limit the number of weeds that need to be managed, making it ideal for those who have had persistent issues with weeds. It can also help prevent pests from damaging the plants, simplifying the needed care even further.

Support the Plants' Natural Growth

Most plants are much more likely to thrive when given the opportunity to spread upward. A green wall is based on the principle of vertical growth, meaning it is designed with the ideal growth pattern of many plants in mind. Not only does this system support additional air circulation, but it can also enhance sun exposure for the plants placed near the top while providing shade for those at the bottom.

A Habitat for Birds

The planet’s flora and fauna are quickly deteriorating. Now, more than ever, do we need to preserve the environment and support biodiversity in any way we can. With a proper outdoor living green wall, you can be able to support other forms of life that would otherwise have no place to dwell especially in a highly-urbanised city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Birds can create nests on the wall and have a resting place where they can breed and multiply.

No Limitations

Vertical Gardens Dubai and Abu Dhabi | Plant Wall in the Office
Perhaps the biggest advantage of a green wall is the fact that you have no limitations at all. Depending on the amount of space you have to utilise, you can grow whatever you want. With a normal garden, your choices are usually restricted by the type of soil or the size of the plant when it is fully grown. These are factors you can control when growing anything vertically. You can have the heavy plants at the bottom so that they serve as the anchor then the lighter ones to grow at the top.

Increased Accessibility

Plants that are grown vertically are often easier to access than a garden spread across the ground. They are easier to tend for those with mobility issues, such as those resulting from prior knee or back injuries, or conditions like arthritis. This means gardening can be added to the lives of many more individuals when constructed as a plant wall instead of a traditional horizontal garden.

Reap the Benefits of Vertical Gardens

With all of these advantages, it is easy to see why vertical gardens are increasing in popularity and are becoming a landscape or interior trend  in the UAE. Whether you are a simple business man to a real-estate tycoon, you will always get something out of these amazing green walls. And if you are planning on installing one for your office in the UAE, or anywhere in GCC, just call Planters on +971 (4) 388 3283 – we’re here to help!
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