Why Do You Need Landscape Contractors?
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Updated on 23rd Jul 2018 by Planters
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Landscaping in the UAE

The UAE is probably best known for the way in which its cities have seemingly sprung up from nothing to become some of the brightest stars in the Middle East. This rapid growth has taken part on almost all levels of the economy and has led to similar rises within the hospitality trade and more importantly the building trade.

Indoor Plant WallsWhen we think of building projects within the UAE, we tend to focus our thoughts on the large-scale building projects that the area is most noted for. The fact is that while these  projects are very impressive, there is something else at work that sets them apart from the rest of the world. That important factor that has helped to make Dubai and Abu Dhabi infrastructures become far more than just buildings is landscaping. An example of these are the vertical gardens Abu Dhabi has decorated its hotels with and the living walls Dubai restaurants are becoming known for. These are just some of the touches that landscape contractors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have done.

While the list of landscaping companies in Dubai and in the whole Middle East is becoming longer as the industry needs increase, there are still only a few companies within the region that have all the qualifications and expertise that are needed to plan, design and implement great landscapes. Just as a good building company will deal with the project from design right through to the build itself, the best type of landscaping contractors in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi will not only plan the best type of landscaping for your project but they can also design, install and maintain all the new green touches to your décor.

A good landscape design should allow customers, clients and people in general to not only better use the space within a building, but also to enjoy and interact with it as well. This move towards more professional as well as more comprehensive landscaping within the UAE has begun to transform the building culture in the region.

What Good Landscaping Can Do for Your Business?

Aside from the landscaping benefits already mentioned above, it’s also worth noting that interior or exterior landscapes are not just about boasting about what your business have that others don’t. It’s more of the benefits you reap from having one.

1. Provides a relief from urban heat island effect

The world that we live in is under increasing threat from Climate Change, specifically from Global Warming. One of the effects that we have seen become more and more prominent in the country is the Urban Heat Island Effect. This means that the heat levels within these cities can rise some 7 degrees above the ambient heat of the surrounding areas.

Landscape contractors in Dubai have begun to combat this using well-designed and expertly implemented landscaping. The landscape design Dubai contractors have installed within the city has in places been able to lower this heat effect. By using shade trees, they are creating cooler spaces within buildings that would have previously been exposed to the often extreme heat of the region.

2. Creates a natural environment

A large number of the building projects as well as office and restaurant fit-outs carried out in the UAE would effectively be not much more than metal and glass without the correct implementation of landscaping. The great landscaping Dubai hotels and restaurants have implemented led to a transformation in the way businesses are utilising natural environment. This has led to happier customers and clients willing to spend more time and money within their walls.

Placing natural elements in certain spaces has the ability to turn previously unused areas into peaceful and calming sanctuaries. The plant walls Dubai businesses are installing for example have the ability to bring that natural atmosphere to large spacious areas where before any greenery had gone almost unnoticed.

3. Increases the value of your business

Planters Plant Wires

Hiring a professional landscaping company in Dubai can often pay for itself. The way that your business looks both on the outside and on the inside will have a massive effect on clients and customers alike. Maximising your use of space as well as natural elements by adding interior or exterior landscaping can then increase the value of your business.

Due to the direct correlation between the amount that you invest in your interior as well as exterior landscaping and a certain percentage of your business’ value, it pays to spend money on landscaping. The cost then of scouring the list of landscaping companies in the UAE and finding the best one for you will eventually pay off especially when clients start to take notice of your company’s values as evident in your landscape design.

4. Makes a good investment

The money that you spend on landscaping will be money well-spent. If you have been looking for a way to grow your business, then hiring a professional landscaping firm is an excellent place to start. Beautifully-crafted and well-maintained landscape has the ability to attract the attention of clients and create more interest in your business. It gives potential customers the impression that you are attentive to every detail and take good care of your business as well as your clients.

When commercial landscaping is done well, it can greatly increase the re-sale value of a property. So, with a simple investment in professional landscape, you can in fact raise the value of your business by as much as 10%.

5. Serves as a Cost-Saving Agent

Green agendas are not just about saving the planet, although that is the main focus of the movement. It also helps your business save on bills. In cities with dry, arid conditions and high levels of heat, energy bills can become quite costly. With the use of landscaping that is tailor-made for this type of environment, you can cut down on the money that your business spends on cooling. Environmentally conscious landscaping lets your clients know that you are forward thinking and helps you to stand out from your competition.

6. Expands your marketing reach

Every successful business utilises some form of marketing to reach their base of potential customers. But this advertising of your business does not need to stop at the sign above your front door. Landscaping can be an excellent way of raising the ‘curb appeal’ of your business and getting more feet through the door. The way that your landscaping looks on the interior and exterior says a lot about your business. By investing in quality landscapes, you will be advertising your business further still and expanding your market reach.

7. Boosts Productivity and profits

Although raising the value of your business is a great benefit of having a well-maintained landscape, they are not the only financial benefits. Studies have shown that creating a greener work environment using interior landscaping improves the levels of productivity. With happier and more productive staff, your business will soon see that your landscape investment turn into a higher return.

Office Plants
These are just some of the top benefits you’ll enjoy for having a good landscape, whether installed indoors or outdoors.

Some companies, after having sold the idea of landscaping, immediately jumped into buying couple of potted plants or artificial trees without taking into consideration the proper design and planning.

Well-executed landscape designs are made possible only by professional landscape contractors. In the UAE, for example, have a lot of successful businesses, thanks to the integration of greenery in their designs which changed the way their clients and customers perceive their brand.

If you think you can just create an interior or exterior landscape for your business on your own, think again. Unless you’re a professional landscaper, there are more to it than you know.

8 benefits of hiring landscape contractors in Dubai and whole UAE:

1. The ability to adapt to your needs

The sheer size of many building projects means that the chosen landscaping contractors within the UAE will need to be able to handle both small and large scale landscaping designs.

The ability to handle all types and sizes of project is what sets apart the best landscape contractors in Dubai and the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi from the rest. These landscaping contractors will be able to use their wealth of experience to help you create the perfect landscape for your business. Not only a landscape that looks good and is enjoyed by employees and customers alike, but one that works for the business and adapts and evolves with you.

2. Do not go over budget

When you take into account all the unknowns that are involved in DIY landscaping, one thing that you can never really be sure of is the budget. That is unless you utilise the services of a professional landscaping contractor.

The landscape contractors Dubai building projects choose to hire are able to talk through and plan every aspect from design to implementation while keeping a strong focus on sticking to your set budget. With a good landscaper, you will be able to set a firm budget and be sure that there will be no unforeseen additions to the cost of your landscaping.

3. Best use of space

The use of a professional landscaping contractor has helped hundreds of businesses in the UAE find ways to use space that was previously vacant or indeed crowded. By using living walls, Dubai hotels have been able to move their indoor plants to the walls or ceiling which allowed them to better utilise the space and create more comfortable seating or dining areas. In the same way the green walls Abu Dhabi contractors are installing are bringing much needed life to outside areas where planting was not possible. Landscaping has forever changed the way in which the space within a business can be used, thanks to the expertise of landscape contractors.

4. Pay less for water and energy

One of the largest drains on the funds of any business has got to be their water and energy costs and you could be forgiven for thinking that adding any form of landscaping would only raise those costs. The truth though is that using the right landscape contractor in Dubai can significantly cut down on the amount you pay for water and energy.

Landscape professionals know which types of plants do not require too much watering or lighting, or for some, the best type of system for these plant requirements. For example, the use of shade trees as part of a building’s landscape has been proven to lower temperatures by as much as 6 degrees through the process of evapotranspiration. The cost of watering a green infrastructure can rise exponentially if the system is incorrectly installed where as a professional landscaper will be able to design the most water-efficient landscaping for your business.

5. Worry less about maintenance

Plant Maintenance Service
Having any form of greenery within the décor of your business will usually mean some form of maintenance. By choosing one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will not only be able to decide on a more low-maintenance interior or exterior landscape, but you can also depend on them to offer the type of expert landscape maintenance Dubai contractors provide.

The right contractor will take all of the worries away regarding maintenance by either offering the services themselves or adapting your design to need the lowest amount of maintenance possible. The quality of the initial work and the choice of plants and materials used will have a massive effect on the amount of maintenance any landscaping project requires. A good landscaping company will be able to guide you through this process with a focus on lower maintenance.

6. Safety and Liability

Another key benefit to having a landscaping contractor install and maintain your landscape is safety. Poorly kept or maintained landscaping can create a host of potential hazards for a business. These hazards include trips and falls due to uneven paving stones, dangers brought about by cracked or fallen trees. All of which your business could be liable for. With the help of the top landscaping contractor those worries will be greatly minimised. 

7. The experience and industry knowledge

The landscape contractors’ in-depth knowledge of the industry will allow them to not only choose the best types of plants and landscape designs, but they will also be able to source the products and carry out the work at a reasonable cost. But your money doesn’t just buy you the right plants and good quality work; it buys you skill and expertise at every level of the project from design to installation. This also means less disruption to your business due to a fast and professional fit-out and fewer problems as an experienced landscaping company will be able to see potential issues and work around them before they even occur.

8. Creativity and vision

Bark Walls
While you may have an idea of what you want to see in terms of landscaping for your business, your vision will undoubtedly be limited to what you know to be possible and how you see your space being used. When you talk through these landscaping ideas with your chosen contractor, you will soon find out that many of those limitations disappear.

Today, the possibilities when it comes to landscaping are endless. Why stop with the office plants Dubai's small businesses have been using to create calming and productive working environments? Nowadays, the large bark walls businesses have installed are far more of a statement piece and an excellent use of an otherwise empty and bare space. The best landscaping contractors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the Middle East will be able to steer your vision through what is possible and what is not, and how to best utilise the space that your business has available, both inside and out.

It is clear to see then that there are more than a few benefits to go with a trusted and experienced landscaping contractor. But what are the qualifications that make best landscaping contractors stand out from the rest?

Important qualifications of good and reliable landscaping contractors in the UAE

  • Passion – In order to get the most out of any landscaping project, there needs to be passion behind it. Choosing a landscape contractor who has a passionate team of designers and landscapers will ensure that you receive the very best service that a landscaping company can offer. This passion will mean that the team will endeavour to help you create a stunning and feature-filled landscape that works best for you and your business.
  • Reputation – There is no short cut to getting a great reputation especially in the world of landscaping. Reputation needs to be earned by having a portfolio of great completed projects and list of satisfied clientele. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising and in this sense, the world we live in now where reviews are readily available; it is now easier than ever to find out if a landscaping contractor has a good or a bad reputation.
  • Experience – Just as there is no substitute for a good reputation, there is definitely none for experience. Experience that has come from hundreds of beautiful and successful projects is one of the most important things to look for in a landscaping contractor. It makes all the difference so be sure to choose a landscaping contractor with more than a few years of industry experience and a catalogue of work that you can look through to see what they are really capable of.
  • Product and Services – If you are looking for a landscaping contractor to realise your dreams for your business’ landscape, then you would not want to see those dreams limited by what the contractor can offer you. The best landscaping companies in the UAE will be able to offer you not only an unsurpassed product range as well as the newest technological advances within the industry, but they will also offer you a full range of services which all make it easier to get the most from any project.
  • Awards – A great place to start when you are looking into any potential landscaping contractor would be with their awards. This is often a good way of seeing just how good a contractor is when compared to their competition. If a landscaping contractor has received multiple awards, then you know that they have earned their spot at the top and can be counted as amongst the best landscaping companies Dubai or UAE has to offer.
Now that you know why you need to use the services of a good landscape contractor in Dubai and in the UAE, and you have been made aware of the qualifications that these contractors should have, it will be easy for you to see that one of the smartest choices in the region is Planters Group.

Why Planters Group is your Go-To for your Landscaping Needs?

Exterior Landscape Project
For decades, Planters Group have been proving themselves in the industry and are now considered by many to be the best landscaping company in the Gulf region. The list of landscaping companies in the UAE is a long one, but amongst those the amount of those contractors who offer all the products and services you will need is actually quite small. If you want the best in interior landscaping, exterior landscaping, plant containers of various designs and sizes and green walls which are a landscaping revolution, then Planters Group should be your first choice. Planters Group, as one of the best landscape contractors in Dubai, even offers a plant maintenance service to help ensure your natural display looks its best at all times.

If your business requires trees, Planters Group are specialists. Their range includes Preserved Palms, Ancient Olive trees and a wide variety of both live and artificial trees to make that all important natural statement. Planters Group have won several recognitions from BALI Awards which only goes to show that while other contractors may be good at parts of the job, Planters Group has the whole package and the best choice for your project.

Contact Planters Group today and see just what an amazing landscape can do for you and for your business.
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