Planters Present their Latest Moss Wall Projects
Planters Presents their Latest Moss Wall Projects
Updated on 4th Jan 2016 by Planters
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Moss Wall Projects by Planters

Distinctive moss wall complements architecture in Abu Dhabi showroom

Planters have deployed three new moss wall projects across the region, adding unique interior concepts that create striking focal points that maximise floor space.

The first project from the Planters Group is a large 14m² moss wall that decorates the stunning interior of a showroom in Abu Dhabi. The client desired a display of greenery within their showroom space, but they had several further requirements for their interior landscaping. They did not want to lose any floor space and wanted to minimise the maintenance of the plants; additionally, it was vital that the display would fit their office design perfectly. With all of these constraints in mind, Planters' moss walls were a perfect match for them.

The client opted for a preserved moss wall with spheres and the structure was installed over the course of just one day. The unique spherical design works perfectly within the clean and modern interior of their showroom. As it is a preserved project, no maintenance or upkeep is required, making it ideal for many businesses.

Moss walls are ideal for environments such as these as they absorb the echoes that otherwise fill a minimalist space such as this. The client was very happy with both the timeline and the turnout of their project and felt it was the perfect addition to their showroom; meeting all of their requirements and complementing the architecture and textures already present within the interior.

Al Forsan Cafe tactfully incorporate texture

Planters Group's second project was a fresh and modern café in Abu Dhabi were looking to add both greenery and texture to create a distinctive environment. The client wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere that would encourage people to sit and spend time conversing with friends and family.

The interior designer coordinating with Planters was Rommel Cesar Diño of Broadway Interiors. The creative concept that he brought to Planters was to add greenery into the cafe that was in keeping with its contemporary design. The designer had creative ideas that required the interior landscaping to remain flexible; in addition to a curved backlit moss wall, he also wanted smaller moss wall displays installed in the fragmented squares on top of the windows. This was a brief which Planters were able to fulfil using their customisable preserved moss walls.

The final design was a 15m² moss wall in addition to the window lichen, all of which again took just one day to install. Preserved Lichin was used because neither natural light nor maintenance are required for these type of installations. Al Forsan Café now boasts a relaxing and comfortable cafe interior in Al Forsan Sports Resort within Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.

The Gravity Gym grows stronger

The region's first dedicated calisthenics and parkour studio wanted to ensure they stood out as a cutting-edge studio in which to work out. The brief given specified that their interior concept had to echo their motto of drawing strength from nature, however maximising floor space was also vital due to the studio's requirements.

The solution was an 18m² preserved lichen moss wall, embossed with the company's slogan "Draw Your Strength From Nature".

The project was handled and produced within 8 weeks, after which the installation of the moss wall took just a day. Gravity Gym now resembles a fully-functional urban playground, complete with monkey bars, climbing frames, shock-absorbing floors and the strength of nature.

The client was very pleased with the end result, as the moss wall helped add texture and interest, providing a solid focal point and giving the gym a unique vibe not found elsewhere.

To discover the possibilities of establishing moss walls in your interior, please contact Ryan Ramos on +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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